Is Being Jealous a Crime?

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Have any of you ever been really jealous about something that you look back on now and though’ man i overreacted about nothing’. Well for me that was when i was in year 5 and i tried out to become captain of my school. I was super excited because that was all i was excited for, for practically my whole primary school life. Yes, i know that sounds really sad, but i really loved public speaking and i thought of myself as a very responsible person and a great leader, and other students and teachers acknowledged that too.

I had made it through the first round of the leadership process. I made it into the top 8 girls! Now what they had to do was tally up the scores, and the 4 highest scoring girls and boys would receive the leadership positions. The highest scoring girl and boy would each become captain and the other 6 students would become prefects.

At the end of the year, it was finally our schools presentation day, where they would announce the prefects and captains of the school. I was  so excited but also really nervous. When all of the candidates for the captaincy got onto the stage, they read out the name. I’m not going to give anyones identity away, but lets just say that both mine and another girls name were VERY similar, So they announced the boy captain and no one was shocked because they knew it would be him. Then it was on to the girls. They said ‘the girl captain is…’ instead of saying the right name they said the other girls first name and my last name. We were so confused and i got so excited, i thought maybe i got captain, i was jumping on the inside, thinking wow i might become captain of my school. But then the principal corrected herself, and said… the other girls name. I was devastated. I tried my best to put on a smile even though on the inside i was so upset. I just didn’t know what to do.

I knew that I should just be happy for the other girl, but for some reason i couldn’t, i kept on thinking that for sure if she was in another year, i would’ve gotten it. I was coming up with ridiculous scenarios for ways that it could have ended differently.

All these years on, I still hold somewhat of a grudge towards the other girl. I feel bad that im still not happy for her but as much as i try to, i just can’t. I feel like it makes it easier that we don’t go to the same school any more, but im still really jealous that everyone remembers the captains but the prefects are kinda like third wheeling the captains.

Have you ever became jealous of someone because of something small? Do you regret being jelous now?


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There is one thing I’d like to just clarify for anyone reading that is from another country.

In Australia, we have primary school which is for years Kindy-Year 6, Then high school for years 7-12. I hope that clears up any unsurety about what ive been gasbagging about.

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