My Comfort Zone

Hey Readers,


Are any of you scared of trying something new? Afraid to go beyond your boundaries?

Today i was thinking about how much i have done recently, that a couple of years ago i never even remotely think about doing. Most of them are small but still have made me grow as a person.

For starters i joined a brand new sporting team, which for me was a big step because i tend to get very nervous when it comes to trying something new.


I’m going to share something with you, I’m afraid of heights and falling. I know that might sound pathetic and your all there thinking i have that fear too (so does a large portion of the world at some point), that’s a common fear. Well yea it is, but recently at a school camp i had to go beyond my boundaries, which was so scary and i nearly couldnt do it. But i did, and because of that i feel stronger as a person.

I also joined a youth group with a bunch of people i dont know and also, I’ve Started a Blog!

Have you done something recently that went beyond your comfort zone? If so what is it? Feel free to share.


And lastly,

I DARE YOU, my readers, to do something that is outside of your comfort zone, whether it is eating an item of food that you would never think of eating or walk up a really high hill or even talk to a long lost family member.

Good luck!! Email me with what you did, i’m excited to hear about you pushing beyond your limits!

Thx for reading

Softball Girl, going home xx


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