Facing your Fears

Hey Guys,


Now recently I started playing soccer for my local team. Now usually during the Winter Season I just spend it recuperating from the past Summer Season, and I’m always so bored. So this season I decided to take up soccer. The only problem is i have no idea of how to play. I’ve started this brand new sport, and at my age is hard because everyone has already been playing since they were little and know exactly how to play and what to do. I can barely even kick a ball in the right direction. For the past few weeks its been raining so much that we haven’t even had a single training session or a practice game, and they expect me to start playing and know exactly what i’m doing for the whole game. I’m freaking out. I don’t know what to do. My friend is already on the team and has been playing for more than half her life, and so have all the other girls.


The main problem is that now that i’m progressing through high school, i need my soul focus to be the work, but I’ve been stressing so much about this that I’ve been leaving assessments to the night before they are due and forgetting to study for my tests. My grades have began to decrease rapidly and i am no longer passing most of my classes.


Even though i am thinking ‘why on earth did i join soccer’ and ‘cant i just quit now before we start’. I know that later on if i do quit i am going to be beating myself up about it and making myself feel like a quitter. I have decided to keep playing for the rest of the season, no matter how bad i am at it. What i keep saying to myself is ‘Its just for fun’ and laugh any mistakes i make, off. I know this method wont work for the whole season, but at i’ll figure out what do next when i get further along.

Have any of you guys done something new recently that you never thought you would do? If so comment what it is down below.

Also if any of you readers are soccer enthusiasts, and have any tips on how to make this season a whole lot easier, please email me at softballgirl4596@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading,

Softball Girl, going home


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